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We provide best solutions

Is your organisation looking for the "edge" to overcome increased competition, global trading conditions or just increased pressure from stakeholders to perform better.

Zinnia LLP will provide the solutions and support for you and your business to successfully develop new and exciting products and services, generate forward thinking ideas as well as facilitating the implementation of your ideas within your organisation.

What sets ZINNIA LLP apart, is our individualised, strategic and professional business advice. We provide and facilitate the ongoing development of you and your organisation's knowledge & skills for dealing with your business.


At ZINNIA LLP our aim is to help you, the business owner, move your focus and time, away from working in the business, to working on your business' development. With the help of our services, you can sit back and watch your business grow.


A selection of the range of business services we offer:


In today's modern world, the outsourcing of all manner of internal functions are increasingly being outsourced to professional services firms. We act for a broad range of clients from varying industry sectors in dealing with all manner of accounting compliance matters, ranging from accounting, corporate tax returns, VAT returns and personal tax returns.

Business Turnaround

During this current period of slow economic growth, many businesses are struggling. We specialise in enhancing performance, and in particular focus on taking out cost, rather than headcount. The firm charges on the basis of its success.

Performance Management

In order for every business to succeed it is vitally important that every employee in every business understands his or her specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely targets for any given financial year in order to achieve business success. We have extensive experience in assisting HR functions in setting employee goals in order to drive business performance.

Reward Planning

Whether it be during periods of economic upturn or downturn, it is of vital importance that all businesses reward outstanding performance. Outstanding performance can be rewarded in any manner of means depending on your type of business model. We can assist your business in developing an appropriate reward planning model.

Non Executive Directorships

We are often used as a "sounding board" to all manner of businesses. Its members continue to act as "sounding boards", or accept positions as official non executive directors.

Company Formation

We provide best practice advice when it comes to forming a company. Whether you are a sole trader wishing to form a Ltd company or an LLP, we offer the best standard of service. We take all aspects of your business into consideration prior to advising you on the most appropriate structure.